Australian Silver Proof Dollars

1996 Sir Henry Parkes

.925 Sterling Silver

This issue by the Royal Australian Mint honors the achievements of Sir Henry Parkes on the centenary of his death.
In 1890 Sir Henry Parkes won a Federation Conference in Melbourne, and agreed a Federal Conference should meet the following year, Sir Henry Parkes had set the wheels in motion for the Federation of the Australian Colonies and drafting the Australian Constitution.
Although Sir Henry Parkes did not live to see Federation, he remained an inspiration and the final Constitution was similar to the original draft in 1891.

1996 Australian Silver Proof Dollar Reverse

1996 Australian Silver Proof Dollar Obverse
The $1 Sterling Silver Proof Coin features Sir Henry Parkes. Every Coin comes with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

1996 Australian Silver Proof Dollar Case


Composition: 92.5% Silver
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 11.49 grams
Size: 25.0 mm
Reverse: Wojciech Pietranik
Obverse: Raphael Maklouf