Australian Florins

Souvenir Set of Florins

92.5% & 50% Silver

This set was produced by Sherwood just before they merged with Downies, still comes up from time to time.
Australia's first silver and copper coins were issued in 1910 and 1911. Silver coins were first struck in Australia in 1916. Production of copper coins commenced at Melbourne in 1919 and Perth in 1940. Pre-decimal commemorative Florins were issued on only four occasions; in 1927, 1934-35, 1951 and 1954. The 1934-35 florin was issued to at a premium over face value to commemorate the centaury of Victoria and Melbourne. With a low mintage figure, and with large numbers having been officially re-melted, it is now quite expensive and therefore not included.

Pre decimal coins where last issued during 1963 - 1964, Australia converted to decimal currency on 14th February 1966, with the new dollar equal to 10 shillings.

The coins housed in this set consist of:
  • 1927 Florin, Opening of the First Parliament House, Canberra;
  • 1951 Florin, 50th Anniversary of Federation;
  • 1954 Florin, Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth II;
  • Regular Issue Florin of Elizabeth II, 1953 - 1963.