Australian $1 Coins

2003 Centenary of Women's Suffrage

To celebrate the Centenary of Women's Suffrage in Australia, the Federal Government authorized the release of a $1 circulating coin featuring Dora Meeson's "Trust the Women" banner. The Mint produced some 10 million coins that went into circulation around the country.
The coin was only produced as a circulating coin and not in a proof or Uncirculated format however there was some 225 VIP Presentation boxes made which were awarded to the Prime Minister's office and staff. According to correspondence and anecdotal evidence received by one collector, the box was similar to a small jewelers case and came with an accompanying certificate. There are also some privately made products available.

Australia was the first the first nation in the world to not only grant women the vote, but also allow them to stand as candidates. The "Commonwealth Franchise Act" was passed in 1902, but it was not until the 16th December 1903 that an election was held allowing them to exercise their new found independence.
Dora Meeson, born 1869 - died 1955, was an Australian artist living in London. Meeson designed and painted the banner which was first used in a parade in 1908 and subsequently at later demonstrations in London. The banner depicts a woman personifying Australia imploring another representing Britain to " Trust the women mother as I have done". The banner was presented to the women of Australia as a Bicentenary gift in 1988 and is on permanent display in Parliament House , Canberra.

Nominal Specifications

Issues Released
Denomination: $1
Metal: 92% Copper
2% Nickel
6% Aluminum
Mass: 9 grams
Diameter: 25 mm
VIP Presentation Box
Security Rolls
Mint Bags
Private Release "Flips"