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An eclectic collection of articles, information and other unclassifiable stuff on coins and the history around them.


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The Bug Coin Collecting
Australian Early Gold Dedicated to All Coin Collectors' Wives Gold Sovereign History
Sovereign Sources Preserving Your Collection Sovereign Notes
Changes to Perth Mint Gold Coin Mintages Perth Mint Modern Gold Coin Technical Specifications Operation Fast Buck
1969 Yarralumla Specimen 50c Cover Star notes and Bubbles 1966 London Pattern 50c

External Links

SVC Collectibles Grading Guide Cleaning Coins
Chard's guide to cleaning coins
VP Coins Grading Guide
Coins in Change
Mainly about UK coins but applicable to all coins
Cleaning and Preservation
Jon Saxton's guide

ANDA Brochures

These are links to guides released in PDF form by the ANDA on Australian Coins.
Since they keep changing the location for them, they are available from here.
ANDA Grading Guide Collecting Pre-decimal Coins Collecting the Australian Gold Sovereign

Brief Mint Histories

Sydney Mint Bombay Mint
Start made
Melbourne Mint
Perth Mint

Coin Books

This is a list of the books used in making these pages.
Some are essential for any collector of Australian coins, others deal in more specialised areas, but all have contributed in some way or another.
In some cases books have been cross-referenced into multiple categories but in some cases they only appear once, trying to balance loading times with information.
Click links to see lists
Renniks Coin Guides Greg McDonald's Guides Australian Variety Coin Guides
Tom Hanley Australian Guides Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia Miscellaneous Books
Guides on Australian Coins
Australian Tokens, Guides and Books Gold Sovereign Guides The NSW Holey Dollars
British Coin Books
British Standard Catalogues Books on
Medals, Orders and Decorations

Gold Coin Guides
Including World Gold
Krause Publications (Mostly) Australian Currency, Coinage, Money and Finance Books
South Australian Numismatic Journal
General World Coin Books


Coin magazines, mainly from an Australian point of view.
Can be found at newsagents, online or by subscription, see lists for details
Australian Coin Review Dealers Newsletters Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine