Russia 10 Rubles Gold

1911 Russia 10 Rubles Gold

.900 Gold

Although a Russian dynasty was founded in 862 by the Vikings and became an important power, Russia came under Mongol rule from the thirteenth century until they were overthrown in the late fifteenth century by Ivan III. Under the later reigns of Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great, the Russian Empire was expanded greatly covering a large part of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. The abdication of Tsar Nicholas II preceded the Russian (October) revolution in 1917, the Bolsheviks and the SDLP gained power, and the various states formed the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic, which in 1922 under Lenin became the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In 1991, a number of the republics broke away from the USSR, and the CIS or Commonwealth of Independent States was formed.

1911 Russia 10 Rubles Gold Coin Reverse

1911 Russia 10 Rubles Gold Coin Obverse
Russia, 10 Rubles, 1911


The obverse features Tsar Nicholas II (Born 1868-Died 1917) with a legend in Old Cyrillic.
The reverse has the Russian imperial arms with the denomination 10 RUBLEJ and the date 1911 G




Composition: .900 Gold
Gold Content: 0.2489 oz oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 8.6026 grams
Size: 22.0 mm
Chard Tax Free Gold

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