Australian $5 Coins

1990 ANZAC 75th Anniversary Proof $5

Aluminum Bronze

Commemorating the historic achievement of Australian and New Zealand troops that started 25 April 1915, when the ill fated Gallipoli landings started a legend that survives to this day. .
The design of the Australian coin depicts one of the most famous stories of courage and selflessness to come out of the Gallipoli campaign. It is based on a sculpture by Peter Corlett simply called "Simpson and His Donkey".
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II features on the obverse.

The design of the New Zealand coin shows a fully kitted infantry soldier of 1915 in front of a flowing New Zealand flag. This is exactly how many of the Anzacs would have been dressed as they waded to shore on that fateful morning of April 25th 1915.

From cities, towns and rural communities they went as volunteers, young and confident. They fought as comrades, clinging grimly to the toehold won at such cost. They forged a reputation for courage and endurance, then withdrew with honour. They bequeathed the two young nations a new image of themselves.

The coins come fully encapsulated and in attractive boxes with a booklet detailing much about the Gallipoli campaign as well as the story of Simpson and his Donkey. . The raised polished image with frosted background was crafted by Horst Hahne and Wojciech Pietranik, Engravers at the Royal Australian Mint.

Nominal Specifications
Denomination: $5
Metal: Aluminium Bronze
Mass: 28.0 grams
Diameter: 38.74 mm
Reverse: Wojciech Pietranik / Horst Hahne
Obverse: Raphael Maklouf